Magic Methods in PHP

Magic method are specialized method that is executed in response to a specific PHP event.Each magic method is prepended with two underscores. It triggers custom behaviour and defined by programmer inside the class. Some of the magic methods are __construct(),__destruct(), __toString(), __get(), __set(), __call() etc.

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__construct and __destruct Magic Methods

__construct is called when an object of a class is created.

__destruct is called when object of a class is destroyed.

Take an example

__get Magic Method

__get() is called when the object of a class try to read a property or variable that is inaccessible or unavailable.

**inaccessible means either the property is not defined or it is not public

When you execute this code it print Unavailable Age

__set Magic Method

__set() is called when code tries to set a method that is not accessible.

** If __set() is used to set property that doesn’t exit, the new property will be public.

__call Magic Method

It is called when method of class called does not exist or inaccessible.

__toString() Magic Method

It allows you to set a string value for the object that will be used if the object is ever used as a string

Cons of Magic Method

1. Magic methods are slow.

2. Magic method is public so it ignores scope.

Magic Method Manual

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