PHP 5.4 traits tutorial,example and concept

PHP 5.4 introduces the concept of traits. Until Traits PHP uses Classical inheritance model in which one class can inherit only one class. In simple words Before PHP 5.4 PHP uses single inheritance model , which makes sometimes difficult to reuse the code.

Traits allow developer to reuse sets of methods freely in several independent classes living in different class hierarchies.

Install,Uninstall/Remove,Update Package through apt-get in Ubuntu

In this article, i’ll explain what is apt-get utility, how to install,uninstall/remove,update package through apt-get in Ubuntu.

What is apt-get

apt-get is a powerful command-line tool used for package management in Debian Linux distribution. It used to work with Ubuntu’s APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) library to Install/manage individual packages , Remove installed package, Upgrade packages etc.